Browns Lamb Finisher Mix

Browns Lamb Finisher Mix is a formulated mix of cereal grains and protein sources required by lambs for peak muscle development and encourage healthy body condition within ewes. The specially formulated mix of starches are designed to deliver a slow fermenting energy for a longer period. All essential minerals and Bovatec® (Which promotes good bone growth and tissue development without excessive deposition of body fat also reduces the risk of coccidiosis) are included.

Always provide adlib quality hay, fresh drinking water and adequate shade.
Begin feeding lambs slowly approx 250 grams and steadily build up by 250-gram increments
to 1-2kg. It is essential to leave 4 days between increment increases.

Always Ensure:

  • Wet grain is to be removed and discarded
  • Adlib hay and fresh water are always available
  • Adequate shelter

Ingredients From:

Barley, Canola Meal, Maize/Corn, Rolled Lupins, Acid Buf™, Limestone, Salt, Magnesium,
Vitamin and Mineral premix & Bovatec®, Canola Oil.


Crude Protein (min) 16%
Metabolizable Energy (min) 12.23%
Starch (min) 40%
Crude Fat (max) 3%
NDF (min) 15%
Salt (max) 1%
Calcium (min) 1%
Phosphorous (min) 0.36%