Grain Free Pellet – Cattle

Browns Grain Free Pellet Cattle is a no fuss supplement for beef cattle. Designed for optimal weight gain and feed conversion.

Features Benefits
Start growth earlier Cattle start gaining from day 1
Complete feed Flows well from lick or self-feeders.
Fast weight gain Stays suspended in T.M.R

Always Ensure:

  • Fresh and clean water at all times
  • Wet pellets removed and discarded

Feeding instructions:
Best result from restricted intakes 2 – 4 kg for 7 – 11 days, allowing rumen bacteria to adjust
(adaptation period) access to ad-lib fibre for this period is essential, as with any introduction specific
rumen bacteria need to be generated. At no stage should this product be fed adlib, without using a restricted access grain feeder.

Once adaption period has finished fibre (hay/straw) can be restricted but always available to contend with shy feeders or inclement weather. Ensure clean water at all times.

Animal Health:
5:1 Booster Vitamin A, D & E injectable – Cobalt & Selenium Injectable

Ingredients From:
Faba Beans, Pea Pollard, Faba Bean Meal, Canola Meal, Oat Hulls, Lime, Magnesium Oxide, Bentonite, Urea & Molafos Gold


Moisture 10%
Dry Matter 90%
Crude Protein 19.5%
Metabolizable Energy 12ME
NDF 35%
Urea (max) 1%