Leongatha – Head Office

Our leongatha site has much to offer, starting with our inward grain. We buy local grain off farmers here in Victoria, but we stretch as far as interstate to supply our mill based at Leongatha. Our fleet of trucks operate throughout the state who tirelessly bring in top quality grain. From here we are able to create unique custom mixes with our on and offsite Nutritionists to curate the highest quality feed for healthy animals.

We supply Bulka Bags in 400kg and 800kg to bulk loads of up to 42 tonne. This gives our farmers diversity in what we have to offer, assisting those on smaller to larger farms in the South Gippsland area.

Leongatha also has our Browns Stockfeed Retail Store. This is a great asset to our company as we can further assist our farmers with not only grain, but rural agricultural products. Ranging from chickens feeders, dog leads, animal flea and ticks prevention, calf and ewe trailer lifts, to your more common fence posts, gates and electric fencing. We stock all things agricultural. Our friendly staff are sure to offer you the experience and knowledge needed to help you and your farm needs.

Head office is based in Leongatha. We have a great team of workers who accommodate behind the scenes. They deal with our accounts, customers, credit applications, suppliers, contracts and inward grain. If you have any queries, the team will be sure to aid you in any way possible.

Tinamba –

Tinamba covers our East Gippsland clients. Our Mill operates much like Leongatha and is able to create custom mixes, Bulka Bags to 25kg bags. A small retail store operates onsite that offers basic agricultural needs. We have a small ground team there who work endlessly to supply our clients with the best grain in the area. The trucks in our fleet operate at Tinamba bringing the inward grain to supply the mill.

Colbinabbin –

Colbinabbin is a small central town of Victoria that is home to our newest addition to the company a pellet mill. Browns Stockfeed is now able to widen our resources and ability to cater to the agricultural community. Our mill is able to produce a variety of pellets from dairy, calf, heifer, lamb and beef pellets.

Furthermore we hope that we can offer a wide range of agricultural needs throughout Victoria to supply our clients with the highest quality feed in all aspects of feed and nutrition.