Browns Lead Feed Pellet

Browns Lead Feed Pellets are a high protein, high energy ration designed to be fed to pregnant cows 2-3 weeks prior to calving to enable them to meet the demands placed on them post calving. Lead feeding cows in the transition period can greatly improve animal health and productivity. Lead feeding cows during this crucial period physically prepares the cow and the rumen for change from a dry state to a lactating one. This will effectively increase feed intake, which as a result will increase milk production and reduce weight loss.

Our Lead Feed pellets contain Anionic Salts to assist in balancing the dietary cation/anion balance or DCAD of the diet. Anionic salts assist in the prevention of most post calving metabolic disorders such as milk fever and retained placentas by increasing blood calcium levels at point of calving. Ideally cows should be fed either half the amount of bail fed or at least 3kg/day.

Always Ensure:

  • Incorporated into a fully balanced transition program.
  • Unrestricted cereal, straw or hay access
  • Fresh and clean water provided at all times

Ingredients from:
Wheat, Canola Meal, Canola Seed, Salt, Magnesium Chloride & Ammonium Sulphate, Soychlor


Nutrient Analysis   Amount  (DM Basis)
Crude Protein (Min.) 15%
Metabolizable Energy (min.) 12%
Starch (min) 42%
Crude Fat (max) 6%
Max. Salt 2.2%
Phosphorus (min.) 0.4%
DCAD -1015