Browns Beef Finisher Pellet

Browns Beef Finisher Pellet is a formulated mix of cereal grains and protein sources required by the animal for peak muscle development. The specially formulated mix of starches is designed to deliver a slow fermenting energy for a longer period of time, therefore reducing the chance of acidosis. Protein sources such as canola meal and seed are used to deliver by-pass protein (UDP) and also adequate rumen degradable protein (RDP).

Transition Feeding Plan.

Days 0-7 Days 8-14
Offer 1-2kg pellets Offer 3-4kg pellets
Adlib fibre Adlib fibre

Always Ensure:

  • Wet pellets are removed and discarded
  • Adlib fibre and fresh clean water provided at all times
  • Adequate shelter is available

Ingredients From:
Wheat, Barley, Canola Meal, Canola Seed, Acid Buf™, Monensin, Dicalphosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Canola Oil, Flavour.


Nutrient Analysis Amount (DM Basis)
Crude Protein (Min.) 13%
Metabolisable Energy (min.) 13%
Starch (min) 40%
Crude Fat (max) 5%
NDF (min) 13%
Salt (max) 1.5%
Calcium (min) 1.5%
Phosphorous (min) 40%