Browns Long Fibre Calf Mix

“The complete calf feed”
Browns Long Fibre Calf Mix entices calves onto feed very quickly, generally 4-5 days from birth. This highly palatable blend of fibre, grain, pellets and molasses in one feed/mouth full encourages cud chewing earlier than conventional feeding programs.

There are no other forms of feed required in the pen reducing the need to have hay/straw and pellets or grain in separate containers, which leaves their environment cleaner and drier.
At weaning the transition to pellets or grain is less stressful as you can choose either a grain mix or pellets as the calf has been eating both.

Browns Long Fibre Calf Mix Information Sheet (pdf)

Nutrient Analysis Amount (DM Basis)
Crude Protein (Min.) 17%
Metabolisable Energy (min.) 11.5%
Starch (min) 38%
N.D.F. (min) 30%
Crude Fat (max) 2%

Ingredients From:
Pea Hay (CP: 19, ME: 11.5)
Oaten Hay (CP: 8.5, ME: 10)
Browns 21% calf pellets
Browns 20% calf grain mix
Molafos Gold – Molasses & Canola Oil