Nutrition – On Farm Management

Our nutritional team have the resources available through the use of our own in-house NIR testing machine to analyse the nutritional level of our clients farm grown fodder. This is unique to Browns Stockfeed with no other company providing this in-house service.

Our ability to test pasture, silage and hay and provide same day feedback to our clients enables formulation of stockfeed rations that complement existing farm grown feeds. This reduces the need to add ingredients that are being adequately provided through grazing, saving clients costs and enabling farmers to make timely, accurate and informed decisions.



Our Nutritionists


Chris Lawton
0439 959 899

Chris joined the team in May 2016. Being in the industry for 27 years has given her the opportunity to work all over Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. Chris will be covering West Gippsland and other areas as required. She has studied a Degree in Agriculture and with her vast knowledge in the industry she is able to give excellent nutritional advice, and on farm support to farmers, helping to keep them profitable through difficult times and seasonal conditions.


Matt James
0488 623 159

Matt has been involved in the dairy industry all his life commencing his career on the family dairy farm at 17.  Matt’s interest and passion in the dairy industry lead him into a career of Sales & Nutrition. Matt started with Browns in April 2017 and has 15 years experience in a Sales & Nutrition role previously covering all of Gippsland and Tasmania. Matt prides himself on the relationships he builds with his client base by working closely with clients to understand and improve all aspects of their dairy business.



Cailtin Chester
0428 361 231

Caitlin has a strong dairy & beef nutrition background having worked at Rex James Stockfeeds at Nathalia for six years. She was responsible for Sth NSW, Vic and Tas. Caitlin also won a scholarship to study the beef industry for 3 months in the USA. Caitlin enjoys building relationships through working closely with clients to better understand and optimize the potential in your herd and business.



Matt Hall
0459 234 720

Matt has worked in the dairy industry since 1997.  During this time he has worked for Agriculture Victoria along with various milk processors and managed his own farm consulting business.  Matt joined the nutritional team at Browns Stockfeed in 2020 where he has been assisting farmers to implement good feed strategies and to improve and maximize margin for clients.



Call one of our nutritional team direct or contact the office to have one of our nutritional team contact you to discuss a diet or ration specific for your herd.